Lisbon day 5:

Lazy day oggi. No museums planned, only a restaurant to hunt down for lunch. Being only a few blocks away, of course I got lost that is the maze of Lisbon streets and it took me almost an hour to get to my destination: I can’t remember the name right now…but it’s on Rua de Gloria.

Had pork cheek, delish but should have gone for the octopus which was the other special. Anyway, flavorful dish and the set came with wine, dessert and coffee. Amazeballs. All for just €7.

Good tip they got simply because.

Strolled aimlessly afterward and ended up in Baixa/Chiado again. Coincidence? Not. Browsed the sales of Zara and H&M; nada de Zara but interesting enough picked up a full dress and shirt from H&M, go figure.

Two crazy sparkly illuminators from Kiko Cosmetics: set to be the new ‘it’ makeup brand from Italy. Nothing too crazy but just fun and girly!

Home for a bit now. Meeting an old friend from Sotheby’s shortly for dinner and drinks - cannot wait! It’s been what, almost 4 years since we last saw each other. Plus I know she’ll take me to the most authentic places to eat so double wham wham.

Ok let’s see what the night will bring. Hasta mañana. x

p.s. Can you spot the rainbow in the second photo? Lisbon never fails to impress.